ISABELA & ZIBBI – The Dressmaker

We are clothes makers, dressmakers and artists, as a couple we are dedicated to the extraordinary and feminine women’s fashion.

Since childhood, our enthusiasm for classic style along with avant-garde designs has evolved more and more. Professional preparation gained at technical colleges and almost 30 years of experience have laid the foundations for the best possible execution of our craft.

As a couple we are similar but not equal, that is our advantage and strength. With feeling and passion for fashion, we express femininity and timelessness in our tailoring.

Creating, art and photography are our second home.


We have similar experiences and abilities, similar ones but not the same, so as a duo we complement each other and this is our advantage.

We have experiences within luxury environment, of working with a variety of fabrics, creating samples, show collection pieces, completing all pieces with high finish, cutting the garments and as well as sewing machinists, dressmakers and seamstress.

Additional as a model and fashionphotographer with the other point of view we enrich our experiences, skills and knowlegde of the fabrics and cut.

We are creative, we can work independently as well as in a team, we are reliable, communicative, motivated, organized and open-minded as well as of modern kind of thinking.

Our experience with individual clients as well as designers can certainly be an advantage.



Izabela born in ’71 and married with Zibbi born in ’64

over 25 years of experience as seamstress, sample machinist, dressmaker

work with a wide variety of different fabrics also nonstandard

cutting and completing all pieces with high finish

fitting and alternations

made to measure

hand made work

sewing on different types of industrial machines

openminded, modern kind of thinking

Thank you for taking time to review our resume and please feel free to contact us, if you need more information.